The 2017 Dance Workshop will take place in Lagos, Nigeria. B.B.A Nigeria will contribute to the growth and development of dance in Nigeria The 2017 workshop will have standard of teachings with great dancers, teachers and choreographers. The workshop will offer a place where people have fun and feel comfortable networking themselves, Different people with different languages in the country and international and this will bring unity and maintain a non-violence environment.

We believe every participant to participate in BBA NIGERIA DANCE WORKSHOP 2017 from beginners to advance can achieve the most amazing and memorable life forming performances and works of art. We celebrate the creativity in all of us and help to encourage and grow this into exceptional productions for the world to enjoy. We also believe in the individual and their right to free choice, to follow their dreams and find a path that satisfies their heart mind and soul.



B-boy B-girl Africa initiated to Nigeria and its course runs under a well-known break dancer by name UWAKWE IZUCHUKWU VICTOR aka BBOY INVINCIBLE.  A native of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria and based in Lagos Nigeria, He is a graduate of Abia state university from the department of economics, member of the winning crew, SPACE UNLIMITED BBOY CREW. He is a break dancer motivated by a top pioneer of break dance STORM from Germany aka the dictionary of hip-hop, BBOY INVINCIBLE is also supported by JOSEPH REYES of USA to promote full time b-boy in Nigeria a platform were young amateurs are gathered to learn the art of break dance a movement that strongly empowers the youth using dance as a tool. BBOY INVINCIBLE IS ALSO SUPPORTED BY EBUN OMONI a Nigerian American who continuously contributed to the growth of breakdances in Nigeria. BBOY INVINCIBLE aims through bboy bgirl Africa project with a strong team to make dance encouraging for youths in Nigeria by incorporating dance associations, hosting break dance challenge and organizing workshops with the best dancers from the continent and internationals to begin with a strong base of supporters from there to be able to spread the word that dance is fun and an exciting way to spend time.


HOST OF B.B.A NIGERIA championship 2017

WAJO is your invitation to dance; a multi-faceted dance focus project aimed at touching and enriching lives – dancers, dance lovers, and people from all works of life. WAJO began in April 2013 as a monthly dance event and has metamorphosed into a dance project with various offshoots. It celebrates and promotes Nigeria’s diverse dances as well as that of Africa, to the world. Over the past months, it has featured various dancers and dance groups performing different dance genre on the same stage every last Thursday of the month.

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